PERFORMER’S CONTRACT working on behalf of Tickets Please LTD t/a Loco UK

An agreement made on Monday 1st October (or when you press submit) between “Tickets Please Ltd” (hereinafter called the Company or associated Event Manager) of the one part, and THE PERSON NAMED IN THE FORM BELOW / YOU (hereinafter called the Artiste) of the other part witness that the Company hereby engages the Artiste and the Artiste accepts an engagement to present the following at the venue and from the dates of the periods and at the fees stated in the schedule hereto:

NAME OF EVENT : Loco Horror Train (Norfolk)

ROLE: Live Scare Actor or Extra (depending on your scheduled shifts / role list. Click here to see cast list)

VENUE: Mid- Norfolk Railway, Station Road, Dereham, NR19 1DF

EVENT MANAGER: Ollie George, Mobile: 07595 717745

(If you appear as an extra for the entire run you will be needed from 3pm on the 1st day of rehearsals)
Monday 15th October (paid - £80 / £40 extras from 3pm) @ Dereham Memorial Hall (NR19 1AD) 10am start

All Cast:
Wednesday 17th October 2018 (paid - £80) @ Dereham Train Station (Mid-Norfolk Railway, NR19 1DF)
Monday 22nd October, cast friends and family free train (three train rate) @ Train Station. 1pm start (3pm train)



Live Scare Actor: £100 per day when two trains are running / £130 per day when three trains are running
Extras: £50 per day when two trains are running / £80 per day when three trains are running

LICENSED COMPANY: Tickets Please LTD, Dalton House, Windsor Avenue, Wimbledon, London, SW19 2RR

PERFORMANCE: LOCO Horror Train 2018

Performance includes all elements associated with the successful operation of the event and rider (customer) satisfaction as directed by the Theatrical Directors in association with the Event Manager. The artiste is required to stick to their full performance schedule (as set out in your acceptance availability). The Company reserves the right to alter this schedule and allocate Swing Roles without notice.


1. The Artiste agrees the free for rehearsals and performances as scheduled and accepts that there are no other payments or expenses due to them.

2. The Artiste is classed as self-employed and is responsible for the payment of his/her liable tax and N.I. contributions.

3. No fee shall be payable to the Artiste for any days upon which this engagement shall be suspended by reason of Royal Demise, National Mourning, Fire, Epidemic, War, Strikes, Lockout or by any reason or order of any Licensing or Public Authority.

4. No fee shall be payable to the Artiste for days missed through illness or any other reason whatsoever.

5. The Artiste at the time of signing this contract shall not be under any contract to a third party that might preclude him/her from fulfilling the engagement.

6. The Company will provide costumes as agreed for each role. All Artistes shall be fully costumed and in character at all times during and between their performances including public areas of the venue. All costume including the use of fake facial hair and special effects makeup is mandatory and not at any point changeable by the Artiste at their own discretion. All costumes and props will be recorded and signed in and out by the Wardrobe Manager. The Company will launder costumes as directed by the Wardrobe Manager.

7. The Artiste will register attendance and departure at venue as directed in order to be covered by the Company’s insurance policy.

8. The Company reserves the right to the use of film and photography at all event areas including promotional activity, rehearsals and live performances and reserves all rights to taken images.

9. The Artiste will not engage in negative conversations regarding the event or associated companies be it during the performance or on social media or public platforms.

10. While at the venue it is a legal requirement that the Artiste takes reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and of any others who may be affected by the Artiste’s actions or omissions. The Artiste must comply with the venue’s health and safety procedures. All accidents/incidents must be reported in line with the Company’s incident reporting system. Failure to comply with any of these points will render the Artiste liable to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

11. The Company operates a strict no alcohol and drugs policy. The Artiste understands that if whilst at the venue they are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, legal/illegal drugs or any other substance, the Artiste will be liable to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The Company operates a strict No Smoking policy on its trains and premises. No Smoking includes the use of electronic cigarettes. Breach of this policy will result in the Artiste being liable to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

12. The Artiste will abide by the Company’s social media policy and, in addition, agrees not to post any images on to social media of themselves or other cast members taken whilst either are in costume or on Company premises.

13. By signing this contract, the Artiste confirms he/she has no criminal convictions.

14. By signing this contract, the Artiste confirms he/she is not and never has been on the child or sex offender’s register and that they have a current DBS Certificate. These will be inspected and are obtainable on: https://www.gov.uk/request-copy-criminal-record.

15. This contract reflecting the terms and conditions as verbally agreed shall be deemed accepted only when either (a) it is digitally signed and returned within seven days, or (b) it is not exchanged within the prescribed seven days and no written objection has been made within its period.

16. The Company reserves the right to end this agreement without prior notice but with given and proven cause throughout. If the aforementioned should happen, the Artiste will not be entitled to any outstanding fees.

17. The Artiste agrees to complete a digital invoice through the Companies online casting portal in order to be paid for the total days worked by the Artiste. This must be submitted once the event has finished (from 1st November). Payment will be made for the days worked no later than 9th November 2018. Any invoices submitted later than 5pm on Monday 5th November may face a delay in processing. Instructions will be given to Artistes on how to submit their invoices online.

18. By digitally signing this contract below, the Artiste agrees to the terms and conditions laid down. This contract shall be Null and Void for such a time as the venue should be closed on account of national mourning, public or national calamity, epidemic, war, act of God, terrorism or by any authorised person including the Event Manger, Health and Safety Officer or a representative from Breckland Council

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